Blog Action Plan – Combine Your Blog and Social Networking to Get Increased Traffic

Failure to use social networking and social book-marking with your blogging is like putting together a jigsaw without all the pieces. One of the fastest and easiest methods to get free targeted traffic to your website is with blogging. However, having a blog and keeping it updated is only a fraction of the process. One of the top blog strategies involves taking advantage of social networking sites to promote your blog posts. If you have a presence on the Internet and you’re not blogging to the world, then you’re missing out on one of the best ways to get free targeted traffic to your website. However, creating a blog and keeping it updated is only part of it of the story. One of the booming blog strategies involves taking advantage of web 2.0 social networking websites to announce your blog posts. The main reason why social bookmarking sites should be a part of your day by day Internet business actions is that a lot of people utilize these websites as their main source of gossip and news. A popular social news website like Digg brings agreat deal of traffic. Digg attracted more than 200 million visitors a few years ago. Peoplego to Digg and like-minded websites tocheck what’s new and to communicate content from the web, including their personal blog posts. If someone love what they see, they can choose the article, plus if an article is favorite, it will reach the top pages of Digg and be discovered by millions of visitors. Other social sites utilise a similar voting system. If the blog posts you put up to Digg, StumbleUpon and additional social networking sites don’t get hits, you are still enjoying the gain of creating unidirectional backlinks to your blog, so it’s worthy of the effort in making the effort to submit your blog posts to social marketing sites. Besides, it’s easy to do and frequently necessitates just a mouse-click. Yet another profit from blogging frequently and adding your posts to social networking sites is branding you and creating your credibility. Ensure you use keywords that people are using to research for your kind of business. Social networking can also give your blog a great boost in search engine rankings, and you might discover that you may make your site into the top ten of Google for a sweeping range of keyword terms if you take a controlled approach to marketing on social networks. Do not take on too much with social networking. Numerous folk attempt to submit their post to every social networking site that they can discover only to become overcome by the huge choices of social networking sites. It’s much easier to choose a dozen of the finest social networking sites for your business and to center of your social networking and marketing attempts on making routine entries to those social networking sites. The other part of your portioned time should be utilised to create casual submissions to different social marketing sites wherever you want to keep a presence. Keep yourself concentrated, disciplined and to a schedule to blogging and social networking, then you will pull in so much more publicity for your blog and online business than you will if you take a unfocused approach to social marketing. To Combine your blog posts with social networking is one of the topmost blog strategies that you can utilize.

Business Networking And Blog Courtesy-working On A Professional Link Campaign For Blog SEO

Business is all about networking, right? Plus, you likely know that you need to get some links to your website to build traffic. Since you’re a pro blogger, of course the first place you look for those much needed links is the blogosphere. However, some manners are in order when it comes to posting comments and linking to your blog from other blogs. It comes down to common courtesy. We’ve all heard the ‘golden rule’, right? Do unto others and all that jazz? The goal is for us to get a much needed backlink to our website, that’s true. But that’s not all we want. Spammy backlinks can be obtained pretty easily. There’s even software out there that will blast your links to a million different blog posts comment areas. But it’s not really what we want or need. I’ll tell you one reason why. Before even thinking about the other guy’s blog, and common courtesy, let’s consider your overall professional appearance. Think of your backlink campaign as one big press release for a minute. If you were blasting a press release to the major news networks today, you would want to present a super professional appearance right? You would want the world to see you as the undisputed expert in your field, professional, classy, the very best. Right? Then why would you use a different approach and spam your link across the blogosphere? Making you and your website (translate: your company) look cheesy and unprofessional? If you knew that was the way the world perceived you and your business, you probably would have thought twice about it before you used a link blaster and posted your link to a million spam blogs. The problem is that many businesses and many bloggers don’t think the internet is part of ‘the real world’. They don’t stop and think about the fact that their actions on the web can have the same negative impact that they would have in the real world when it comes to cheesy and sleezy promotion tactics. Nope, the internet is different in their eyes. They only know they need a bunch of links. It’s not important to them to build an overall web persona. PR is not a concern. But it should be. Because the web is no different than any other advertising medium. People are people, and if they read crappy comments that make you and your company look bad, they are not going to do business with you. Now, let’s also consider the other blogs out there and some basic manners. In the real world, that is the one that doesn’t have a keyboard attached to it, you need to have some etiquette when it comes to business networking, right? For example, if you are a member of the local rotary club, you don’t walk into the meeting each week shouting, “Make $5,000 every day using my secret methods”! Do you? No. You network. You shake everyone’s hand and say hello. You get into conversations and have intelligent discussions. You add something to the group as a whole. When asked, you give your expert advice and opinions and you build new relationships that turn into new client relationships. So why would you do it any differently online? When working on links from other blogs and other business communities, have the same manners you would if you were in that rotary club meeting. Be a contributing part of the conversation. Get involved and work on your professional appearance at the same time. Post relevant comments to the current discussion. Don’t interrupt like a thirty second commercial break, changing the topic so that you can promote your new product or service. Stay on topic and contribute something useful. It’s o.k. if you don’t agree with someone. Good debate can be good for business. Some people will agree with you and visit your site based on your professional opinions. But only if your argument is written professionally and with some class. Stay out of name calling sessions and stay away from labels. Don’t call anyone an idiot or a moron. In the end, you end up looking like one.

Tips To Finding The Best Product For Hair Loss

Finding the best product for hair loss does not have to be difficult. In fact, it can be quite simple if you know a few tips for effective research. Two tips that will help you discover a solution for your loss of hair are reading comments from actual customers and finding unbiased information.

Tip #1: Read What Actual Customers are Saying

It is a fact that millions of people suffer from the embarrassment of losing their hair. You are not alone. Many people have the same concerns that you are experiencing right now. The good news is that you can use that to your advantage in finding a hair loss product that will work for your lifestyle.

Since so many people are in the same boat as you are, there are many discussions going on right now all across the Internet about the topic of hair loss. Everyone wants to know the best treatment for fastest results.

“Best” is a matter of opinion, and there are so many opinions out there. The Internet has allowed anyone with connection and a keyboard to post whatever they feel like posting on the World Wide Web. Reading a wide variety of opinions can be overwhelming and confusing. That is why it is important to take statements from people with a grain of salt, so to speak. If you are reading a post on a blog or forum, keep in mind that is where people often go to lash out or vent their frustration. Ask yourself a couple of questions when reading blog and forum remarks.

Did they seemingly give the product a fair shot?
Did this person actually measure their results?
Do they post frequently on this website?
Are they considered an authority figure on this website?

Finding comments from people who are legit will assist your research tremendously.

Tip #2: Read Unbiased Information

Find unbiased informative reviews and reports about various hair loss products on the market. Believe it or not, there are websites out there that are looking out for you. They do not exist just to sell you something. They actually want you to find what you are looking for and assist you along the way. They are few and far between, but if you look for them you will certainly find them.

These unbiased websites usually do not have advertisements popping up everywhere and do not use big bold headlines. They simply provide the information in an easy form for the reader to read. Think about it. Who would be more inclined to give you correct information? Someone who is trying to convince you Product A is better than Product B or someone who gives you the details on each product then lets you make a decision.

Losing hair does not have to be a permanent concern in your life. There are many solutions that will help you. Using actual customer comments and reading information on unbiased websites will help you discover the best product for hair loss.

Premature Gray Hair Causes – Lack Of Enzyme Catalase Makes Our Hair To Go Grey

Shortage of catalase one of the common enzymes present in almost all living organism has been recently been identified as the main reason for premature gray hair causes. This enzyme helps to catalyze the conversion of hydrogen peroxide to water as well as oxygen.

According to the most recent discovery, graying can be triggered by the building-up of hydrogen peroxide, the chemical substance ladies use in dying their hair blonde. A normal healthy follicle generates sufficient enzyme catalase to break up hydrogen peroxide and safe guard the hairs from bleaching and also from becoming white. On the other hand, catalase enzyme normally decline as people gets older which stops severing as a protector against graying. As this occurs most people tend to bleach their hair pigment from within which produces more graying.

In addition, combinations of subsequent events worsen the whole the situation at hand. Scientist also discovered that hair follicles require the enzymes known as MSR A and B to restore harm caused by this chemical. When the follicle lacks this catalase enzyme, this gives room to the damages caused by this hydrogen peroxide and as a result a shortage of those two enzymes to fix the harm. Another thing you need to know is the low levels of MSR A and B also hinder the production of the enzyme tyrosinase required for melanin production which causes premature gray hair.

Going by the logic of these discoveries, it can be assumed that the consumption of catalase enzyme or the regular usage of strong antioxidant like superoxide dismutase to the scalp which is also used for prevention of hair loss could help stop graying. Nevertheless, this is not the only premature gray hair causes as there are individuals who suffer from acatalasia that is “total absence of the enzyme catalase” and yet their hair does not seem to be all white.

Cure Gallstones With No Surgery Required- A Holistic Treatment

“My mouth dropped when I discovered I could cure gallstones with no surgery required,” Karen told me. Karen was among the million Americans who will get their gallbladder surgically removed in this upcoming year. However, after trying our holistic treatment, Karen saved thousands of dollars, kept her organ, the gallbladder, and never had to worry about being diagnosed with another gallstone.

Karen chose to cure gallstones with a holistic treatment.

A Gallstones Holistic Treatment

Don’t be freaked out by the word ‘holistic’. It is a big word used to describe treating an ailment with your ‘whole’ body. In fact, holistic comes from the word ‘whole’. And the reason why you haven’t heard of it is because we live in a synthetic medicine generation.

Most of us in the western world know nothing about holistic treatments because all we know is a doctor and a hospital. We get sick and we go to the family doctor to get drugs. The unfortunate thing about this is that we are missing out on the power of the miraculous body and superior health.

By treating an ailment holistically, you are allowing your body to naturally treat the problem by giving it the right tools! In the 21st century, we are now learning that some of the natural cures and remedies from over 2,000 years ago are just as effective and tons healthier than swallowing a synthetic pill.

In the case of gallstones, you can cure gallstones with a revised diet, lots of fluids, a couple vitamins and a few herbs. In other words, you can KEEP your precious organ, the gallbladder!

Removal of Gallbladder, What you Should Know

First off, you need your gallbladder! It is an organ and it has two important functions: storing bile and secreting bile into the small intestine to help with food digestion. In other words, the gallbladder acts as a sort of ‘helper’ organ- passing bile from the liver to the intestine to ensure that fats are digested properly.

But before you go into surgery, you should know that gallbladder surgery drastically increases your risk of bowel cancer! The reason behind this is that bile will drip continuously into your digestive system. The continuous dripping bile will often cause diarrhea and nausea after surgery. However, years after the surgery, many surgery patients have been diagnosed with bowel or colon cancer.

If you are plan on living for more than 20 years after gallbladder surgery, you might want to cure gallstones with a holistic treatment.

Holistically Treating Gallstones

Our company has 22 years of natural health expertise and we know that treating gallstones naturally must use various angles. Our holistic treatment uses gallstones prevention tips, nutritional therapy, a liver and gallbladder flush, vitamins, supplements and herbs to attack gallstones, also called cholelithiasis.

Here is a list of natural health tips to begin your holistic gallstone treatment today.

1. Gallstone Prevention- Did you know that your diet is most likely the cause for your gallstones? And the first way to treat a problem is to prevent the problem from occurring again. Foods that are often associated with gallstones forming are high fat foods, high cholesterol foods, fried foods, eggs, pork, onions, fowl, milk, citrus, corn, milk, beans and nuts. Though eliminating these all these foods is impossible, it is important to moderate the gallstones causing foods.

2. Nutritional Therapy- What foods are you eating that are healthy for flushing your body of impurities, cholesterol and other toxins? It is extremely important that you live by the 5 a day plan. That means you should be eating at least 5 fruits or vegetables a day. High water soluble fiber foods are extremely important for your cure.

3. Vitamins- Did you know that there are core vitamins that you are probably missing out on? For instance, vitamin C has been shown to naturally convert cholesterol to bile acids. With less cholesterol and more acids, the gallstone risk is greatly decreased.

4. A Gallbladder Flush- Have you tried a simple gallbladder flush yet? How about a liver? Most natural health experts recommend an annual gallbladder and liver flush to pass toxins, cholesterol and impurities. Our Gallstone Remedy Report gives a step by step flush that can be done in one day.

5. Herbal Remedies- Here are two herbal remedies that have shown to be effective in our treatment. Milk thistle is a liver tonic that cleanses the liver and stimulates bile production. In one study, milk thistle reduced cholesterol levels in bile which reduced gallstone formation drastically.

Safflower Seed Oil is also thought to stimulate the gallbladder. When combined with essential fatty acids (flaxseed oil or fish), safflower seed oil is very efficient at eliminating toxic build up in the gallbladder. Namely, gallstones.

24 Hours of Less

Cancel your surgery in 24 hours from right now, with a guaranteed, step-by-step, holistic Dissolve and Flush Gallstones Remedy Treatment. Our company has helped thousands of people. Save your gallbladder and cure gallstones today!

Flexcin Featured in the Huffington Post’s Blog on Cooking with Arthritis

We are excited to share the news that Tamer Elsafy, our Flexcin CEO, was interviewed for an article in The Huffington Post to share his grandmother’s story of cooking with arthritis! We hope this article will be of great use to each of you as you battle the fatigue and pain associated with preparing your daily cuisine and it helps you find joy again in the art of cooking as it did for Tamer’s grandmother.
As many of you may know, Tamer’s late grandmother was the inspiration behind Flexcin. He wanted to find a safe, effective way to naturally help her eliminate her arthritis and joint pain. Since she was known for her cooking during the holidays until arthritis kept her out of the kitchen, her story and the evolution of Flexcin grabbed the attention of Dietitian Ashley Koff and was recently included in her posting Is Arthritis Keeping You Out of the Kitchen?.
Check out the full article posted on The Huffington Post for tips from the Food Network’s dietitian, Ellie Krieger as well as some tips from Amye Leong, the author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Arthritis”. Both women share great ideas to help make kitchen duty less painful.
Here’s an excerpt from the story of our CEO’s grandmother:
“Tamer Elsafy’s late grandmother was known for her cooking during the holidays until arthritis kept her out of the kitchen. Tired of watching her deteriorate from prescriptions or remedies that either didn’t work or ones that brought unwanted side effects, Tamer, with a background in dietary supplements, created his own nutritional product that helped her ease the pain and get back to her love of cooking. The key: CM8 — Cetyl Myristoleate — discovered by Dr. Harry Diehl at the NIH in several decades ago. Elsafy included this ingredient in the first batch of a product (today known as Flexcin) for his grandmother, and waited to assess her results. When he didn’t hear for weeks, he jokes “I was worried I had killed her,” but when we finally spoke she said she’d been too busy gardening and doing all her favorite activities to check in. Her one request: “Please send me some more of that stuff, I am doing great.” Today Elsafy’s business is helping more than just grandmothers as the product appears to work on those with arthritis as well as pain from sports injuries.”